Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar

Sweet, tart, and bursting with fresh apple flavor, Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar is a perfect autumn flavor to add to your cooking arsenal.  

It pairs perfectly with many of our flavored olive oils for fantastic dressings and marinades, and it stands on its own in desserts or as a glaze. Read our blog post for ideas about how to incorporate it into your meals, and check out the delicious Fall & Winter Fruit Salad Recipe below.

Our Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar adds a burst of rich fruit flavor to savory and sweet dishes. It’s a rich, thick vinegar with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Perfect for fall, we love this balsamic in salad dressings, marinades, and desserts.

We also love Red Apple Balsamic because it pairs beautifully with so many of our fresh olive oil flavors.  For dressings, stay in the fruit family by matching it with 2 parts of Blood Orange Fused Olive Oil, Eureka Lemon or Persian Lime.  For an extra autumnal punch, it’s amazing with French Walnut Oil or Roasted Almond.  As a marinade or glaze, we think our herb oils pair amazingly well with Red Apple. Try Herbes de Provence, Rosemary or Wild Mushroom and SageChipotle or Harissa olive oils create a complex, sweet/spicy/fruity marinade.

The combination of pork and apples is timeless, and we have some great recipes on our website that incorporate these flavors. Try our apple glazed ham and vegetables for the upcoming holiday season, balsamic pork bites, or tenderloin with maple and apple glaze. Vegetarians might prefer our butternut squash salad with apple balsamic vinaigrette or red apple glazed tofu. And everyone will love our red apple brie slab!

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite ways to use Red Apple Balsamic Vinegar, or tell us your favorite oil to pair with it. We love hearing how our customers use our products!

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