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We are dedicated foodies who love using the freshest Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars to make REAL food packed with flavor and healthy benefits. It’s our mission to bring these amazing products to our foodie friends. From a weekday meal to a weekend gathering, we know you’ll taste the difference when you cook, bake, drizzle and dip with the freshest Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars.

How can our Olive Oils be so fresh? It’s because we follow the growing seasons of olives in the northern and southern hemispheres. Our producers are setting the bar on the technique of harvesting and pressing olives by using the best of both traditional and modern methods. This combination yields fresh, healthy, and flavorful Extra Virgin Olive Oils that are perfect for all types of cuisine.

Our balsamic vinegars are from Modena, Italy and are naturally barrel aged a minimum of 12 years in the traditional Solera method. You will be amazed by their full, sweet, zesty flavors and will want to use them in vinaigrettes, sauces and soups or drizzle them as a finish on vegetables, fish, meat, and especially desserts.

You can shop online anytime, or stop in one of our three locations to sample our fabulous Olive Oils and Vinegars. While you’re at it, explore our unique Gourmet Grocery products, Salts & Seasonings, Pastas & Sauces, Bread & Baking Kits and so much more. Have some fun pairing some new flavor combinations for any meal or any occasion, but if you’d like our suggestions, you’ll find pairings in each item’s description.

Our olive oils are carefully pressed for quality, not quantity so their flavor profiles and health benefits are exceptional.


Our balsamic vinegars are barrel aged, with a wonderful balance of tart and sweet. 


...You will never think of your olive oil in the same way again.

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