The Olive Scene in Lunchboxes

The Olive Scene’s high quality olive oils and balsamic vinegars may be premium ingredients, but they can be just as at home in lunchboxes as they are at the dinner table! Our products make delicious additions to lunches for both kids and adults alike.

Make your favorite vinaigrette in an airtight container such as a mason jar or jam jar, and you only need to shake the jar a few times to have an all-natural salad dressing that’s better for you than anything out of a bottle or packet. If your kids (or you!) won’t touch salad, the same vinaigrette would make a great dip for baby carrots, raw snap peas, cucumber slices, radishes, or any of your favorite vegetables. Vinaigrettes are also wonderful ways to add flavor to tortilla wraps, sandwiches and subs.

Vegetables that have been grilled, steamed or roasted with our olive oil are just as amazing served room temperature the next day. Make a big batch of Persian Lime Carrots or Grilled Sugar Snap Pea for dinner one night, then pack them in lunches throughout the week. Pasta and potato salad made with a vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise means there’s no risk of them spoiling if they aren’t refrigerated. You can find recipes for Alice’s Potato Salad, Asian Dragon Noodles, and our favorite Fregola Pasta Salad on our website.

If you have a sweet tooth, our balsamic vinegars take fruit salad to a whole new level. Simply cut up your favorite fruit and drizzle a tablespoon or two of one of our rich balsamic vinegars over it. The fruit will only taste better as the day goes on! Most of our dark balsamic vinegars are great on fruit, but we especially love Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, BlueberryTangerine, and Cinnamon Pear.

If that’s not enough inspiration, here are a few more recipes that would make delicious additions to all of the lunch boxes in your family: 

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