Basil Infused Olive Oil

Basil is one of the classic flavors that signals summer, so we couldn't think of a better flavor of the month for August! Our Basil Infused Olive Oil is bright and herbaceous, infused with just enough real basil flavor to not overwhelm other ingredients in your dishes.

The obvious choice for our Basil Olive Oil is to pair it with our 18 Year Traditional Balsamic Vinegar in a classic caprese salad.

But it matches so well with almost any of our balsamic vinegars that it's also perfect in vinaigrettes and marinades. For richer, sweeter combinations, pair it with one of our dark balsamic vinegars like Blueberry, Neapolitan HerbRed Apple, and Strawberry.

If you're looking for something lighter and more acidic, try our Basil Olive Oil with Grapefruit, Gravenstein Apple, Jalapeno, Oregano, Peach, Sicilian Lemon, and Ultra Premium White Balsamic Vinegar. It's also lovely with our wine vinegars, such as Champagne and Organic Red Wine.

This is an amazing oil to get creative with! We love to drizzle it on soups, especially tomato, minestrone, or any pureed vegetable soup.

Brush it on your bread while making grilled cheese. Sauté summer vegetables in it, like zucchini or other squashes, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, or green beans.

Make your pasta salads and potato salad with Basil Olive Oil and your favorite balsamic vinegar instead of a store-bought dressing.

Add the subtle flavor of Basil to a fresh tomato and cucumber salad - the perfect no-cook summer side dish.

Use it to make a homemade basil aïoli for sandwiches (especially BLTs), potatoes, and french fries.

It's also an amazing oil to use while grilling, especially if you're cooking up lighter proteins such as fish or chicken.

And while it may sound strange at first, Basil Olive Oil is a fantastic secret ingredient to use in baking. Make one of our delicious olive oil cakes and substitute part (or all!) of the olive oil with our Basil Olive Oil. Try our take on the summertime classic strawberry shortcake recipe with Basil Olive Oil biscuits.

Our flavor of the month is such a great combination with citrus fruits and summer berries that you should experiment with it in all of your favorite summertime recipes!

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