Bake Instead with Olive Oil this Holiday Season

Use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter this holiday season for heart-healthier baked goods.  

This conversion chart can help you determine how much oil to use in your recipes.

And if you're not ready for the full commitment to olive oil, just substituting half of the butter with a fresh pressed olive oil can make it loads healthier. Our medium or bold single varietal oils can have a fairly strong flavor, so look for a mild, fruity oil to prevent the olive oil from overwhelming the other ingredients in your baked goods.

Our Butter – All Natural Infused Olive Oil has the flavor of butter but is actually a vegan substitute. You can also use one of our infused or fused oils to add an additional layer of flavor to your recipes. Try Blood Orange, Eureka Lemon, Persian Lime, or even Wild Rosemary!  

We also have some fantastic recipes on our website that incorporate olive oil into baked goods. Blood Orange Dark Chocolate Brownies couldn’t be easier to make and are sure to wow everyone at your parties. Our Lemon Olive Oil Cake could easily become blood orange olive oil cake or rosemary olive oil cake by simply changing the flavor of the oil you use.  

View more recipes HERE to learn more about holiday baking with olive oil!

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