Vinegar Sale January 15-21, 2022

Have a “Get Healthy” resolution?

Discover how Vinegars can keep you on track to meet your goals.

To help you, we’ve put them on sale! This is an "in-store only" sale, and will only last a week, so come to The Olive Scene and enjoy $5 off any 375 ml bottles of Balsamic and Barrel Aged Vinegars in our collection.

Did you know that consuming vinegars can:

  1. Help keep blood sugar even

  2. Help with the absorption of calcium and thus plays a key role in the development of strong and healthy bones

  3. Aid in digestion (contains probiotics)

  4. Create flavorful vinaigrettes and marinades

  5. Make for a wonderful topper for roasted veggies

Don't miss out on this in-store, one week only sale! Stock up on your favorites, or grab a couple of new flavors to try!

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