Stay Healthy in 2022 with Olive Oil!

The new year is the time for resolutions and if yours is to stay healthy (and lose weight!) you can add olive oil to your list.

Known for its medicinal properties, now there are at least 12 benefits of regular use of this wonderful, delicious extra virgin olive oil.

  1. It’s packed with polyphenols to help with stress

  2. It strongly promotes cardiovascular health.

  3. It may reduce cancer

  4. It supports healthy memory + brain function.

  5. It supports healthy mental outlook + mood.

  6. It combats pain + inflammation.

  7. It may boost bone health + strength.

  8. It supports a healthy gut microbiome.

  9. It supports a healthy immune system.

  10. It balances blood sugar and may help prevent diabetes.

  11. It may help you lose weight.

  12. It’s the healthiest oil you can cook with.

We only bring you the best so you can rest assured that adding oils from The Olive Scene to your diet, your body is sure to get only the freshest, highest quality olive oils!

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