Sara's Place

Sara’s Place is a beautiful restaurant located in the quiet, picturesque village of Gates Mills. 

The space and the food are rustic yet modern.

The culinary mission at Sara’s Place is one that we also preach at The Olive Scene: keep your food simple by highlighting the best possible ingredients.

This focus drives owner David Gromelski and executive chef Richard Cunningham to seek out fresh, local ingredients for their dishes and local businesses to collaborate with.

Gromelski stumbled upon The Olive Scene’s Chagrin Falls location and purchased some of our olive oils and balsamic vinegars to play with at home. He loved the quality and versatility of the ingredients, so he decided to incorporate them into the menu at Sara’s Place as well. 

Sara’s Place is located in a community-focused area, which translates into a very loyal following for the restaurant. Their regulars know to ask about what’s fresh and local from the day’s delivery, which gives Gromelski and Cunningham ample opportunity to show off the products that come from their collaborations with local farms.

They focus on farm-to-table cuisine, and The Olive Scene is proud to be a part of that movement!

We encourage you to explore the menu at Sara's Place yourself, and support local businesses in the process.

Visit Sara’s Place at 1501 Chagrin River Road in Gates Mills, OH 44040 or call 440-423-1000 for more information.

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