Private Tastings at The Olive Scene

The Olive Scene provides a special and fun setting for a unique private party.  First, gather a group of between 10 and 30 friends, family, club members, colleagues, etc.  Then call or stop by one of our stores (Rocky River, Chagrin Falls, or Vermilion), or email us at to set up your reservation.  Choose delicious treats from one of our menu options, pick your date, and get ready for an evening of fun!  We host private events after regular business hours, so your party will have the whole place to yourselves.

When you and your guests arrive, one of our knowledgeable employees or owners will walk you through a traditional olive oil tasting as we compare different varieties, talk about what makes them different, and what to do with them.  You'll learn how professionals taste olive oil, how to distinguish between high-quality and inferior quality olive oils, and about some of the amazing health benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

Next, we'll sample some of our fantastic flavored olive oils and explore different combinations that you can use for vinaigrettes and marinades.  And while oil and vinegar make a terrific dressing for a salad, their culinary usefulness doesn’t stop there.  There are endless ways to incorporate their incredible flavor to create delicious and healthy meals, and you will leave with inspiration, recipes, and ideas for using our oils and vinegars your home cooking.

After we've explored The Olive Scene oils and vinegars, you'll enjoy appetizers and small bites made with our products.  Our tasting menus include chipotle hummus, salads with DIY vinaigrettes, fruit with balsamic vinegar, and brownies drizzled with Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar.  You'll also have time to shop, ask questions, and enjoy your party's company!

Available by reservation only.  Please call or stop by one of our stores (Rocky RiverChagrin Falls, or Vermilion), or email us at 

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