Fair Trade Sicilian Sabadì Chocolate is Here!

We are so excited to announce this incredible chocolate is now available in-store only.

Modica Processed Chocolate (cold production): To make their unique chocolate, Sabadì selected an extraordinary cocoa from Ecuador: The Nacional fino de aroma Arriba Superior Summer Selected; the best on the market. Producers grow the cocoa in mixed crops, surrounded by trees, which provide shade; therefore the plants require less water and less fertilizers.

Nacional is a Slow Food presidium and is provided by Fair Trade producers. They use only naturally produced cane sugar without the use of bleaching chemicals. It comes from fair trade producers in Costa Rica and the Philippines where environmental protection and tropical forest conservation are of great importance. Sabadi chocolates are not like any other.

Modica Process of Chocolate Production: Sabadì Chocolates are traditionally made according to the age-old Modica cold grinding process. Throughout the process, the temperature never exceeds 45° Celsius. In this way, all of the cocoa’s unique and aromatic notes, and the ingredients’ beneficial properties are fully preserved. The texture is distinctive, pleasantly crunchy, and then relaxes in your mouth for a fabulous chocolate experience.

TO TASTE: The chocolate will express the best of its flavors if you let it slightly melt in your mouth before you chew it.

  • LO SCURO: Dark Organic Modica Chocolate with Moscobado (Raw Cane Sugar)
    Mascobado is a brown cane sugar produced in the Philippines from organically grown sugarcane by The Panay Fair Trade Center (a not for profit women’s association) using purely traditional methods. This 70% dark chocolate bar is the ultimate expression of the Ecuadorian cocoa bean, and has perfectly balanced sweetness from the Mascobado raw cane sugar.

  • ROSSELLA: Organic Modica Chocolate with Sanguinello (Sicilian Red Orange)
    Sanguinello oranges have been present for a long time in the province of Catania and Siracusa, but are now almost forgotten by the mass market. To make the chocolate, the oranges are harvested and peeled on the same day. The thin peel is air dried at a low temperature to preserve the intense taste and aroma of the essential oil that is naturally present in the skin. When infused into Modica Chocolate, the result is intense and amazing.

  • CINO: Organic Modica Chocolate with Chili Peppers from Sri Lanka
    Sabadi uses organic chili peppers, which are harvested from the jungles of northern Sri Lanka to create a startling flavor sensation. When you taste, first emerges the Modica Chocolate, wonderfully grainy in texture and full of flavor. Then the chocolate plays with you, and a spicy kick of the chili pepper appears. The combination is stunning.

The most amazing chocolate you will ever experience, stop in and try it today as it’s only available in our stores!

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