Empty Shelves at The Olive Scene?

Several times a year, you may see some empty shelves in our stores and a smaller selection of olive oil than normal.

While it's not an ideal situation for our stores OR our customers, it's a natural part of our business.  Since our goal is to provide only the freshest, healthiest, best-tasting olive oil in the world to our customers, it sometimes means that we have to wait on the next harvest to fully stock our stores.

Olive oil is a seasonal product.  We carry an ultra premium class of extra virgin olive oils, available right at their peak of perfection. When that harvest is gone, we patiently wait for the next harvest of amazing oils.  We're approaching the end of the availability of our Southern Hemisphere olive oils, so stock up now if you have a favorite Australian or Chilean single varietal olive oil!
Northern Hemisphere oils are starting to trickle in.  Harvest quantities were down this year, so we may only have certain oils in limited quantities.  In fact, this was generally a difficult year for the olive harvest!  Not enough rain in California led to a lower yield, while too much rain in other parts of the world forced growers into an early harvest to prevent rain rot.  Younger olives generally mean a bold, robust oil, and we've been really fortunate to find some milder oils.  Our current favorite is a delicate California Arbosana with slightly floral, buttery notes and a slight peppery finish.

Stop by any of our stores to taste the new oils and find a new favorite.

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