Alonso, A Family Tradition from Chile

The world-renowned Alonso olive oil is here!

Originating from Spain by the Alonso family, this olive oil is one of the best you will ever taste.

Winning numerous awards including Best of Class, Best of Show, and a Gold Medal Award at the most elite olive oil competition in North America, we are extremely proud to offer this exclusive ultra premium olive oil to our customers.

Grown in Chile and known for its delicious flavors, Aceites Alonso is filled with “fruity and delicate flavors with a bitter and spicy balance, leaving a pleasant sensation to the palate.”

The perfect companion to every dish, we invite you to sample this ultra premium, incredible olive oil.

World's Best Health EVOO Contest!

One of our partner producers, Alonso Estates has just won this very important award that speaks to the healthful properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Most specifically, high phenols and oleocanthal. Our Coratina won first place - GOLD!

#1 in Fatty Acid composition (low saturated fat)
#3 In Biophenols (644.8)
#6 In Oleocanthal

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