Last Chance for Summer Vinegar Flavors

August is a month full of endings. Summer is coming to a close, which means kids are back in school, summer produce is giving way to apples and pears, and the days are getting shorter. It also means it's the last chance for summer vinegar flavors at The Olive Scene! September brings fall weather - and fall flavors.

We would love to be able to carry every vinegar available, but we simply don't have room for the wide variety of flavors we offer! In order to offer our customers a taste of as many different flavored vinegars as possible, we rotate flavors according to the season. This means some of your favorites might not be in our stores again until March. We'll transition out of the following flavors in September to make room for our fall assortment:

One of the many amazing things about balsamic vinegar is that it has a long shelf life! You can stock up on your favorite flavors and not worry about them going bad. Dark balsamic vinegars have an indefinite shelf life as long as they're stored in a cool, dark place. They'll keep reducing and thickening over time, becoming sweeter and richer. White balsamic vinegars will naturally darken over time and become more pungent, so we suggest using them within 2 years.