We invite you to try the freshest selections of single varietal, fused, infused, and gourmet oils from around the world.

Our olive oils are carefully pressed for quality, not quantity so their flavor profiles and health benefits are exceptional.

Single Varietal Olive Oils

A Single Varietal Olive Oil is a product of just one particular olive that is pressed into Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The name of the olive is also the name of the olive oil. Ultra Premium is the highest quality grade awarded to Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This designation is granted only to freshest and finest olive oil in the world.

Fused/Infused Olive Oils

Fused Olive Oil, also known as agrumato in Italy, is made by crushing fresh, ripe olives with whole fresh fruits, herbs or vegetables—at the same time. Infused Olive Oil is created when a flavor is added to the oil after it has been made. We are committed to using the best natural, fresh, and flavorful products to create our Fused and Infused Olive Oils  

Gourmet Olive Oils

Pure, unrefined specialty oils that are made in the spirit of the traditional methods for quality and taste. 

Mild or Delicate Oils

Fleetingly subtle and sweet. They tend to be lightly fruity and have a smooth taste, with little or no bitter notes. Great for tossed salads with fruit, baking, broiled or grilled fish, vegetables, milder cheeses, soups, and sauces.

Medium or Intermediate Oils

Fruity and green, but the initial sweetness flows into a slight bitterness. They are versatile and go very well with foods that have a defined taste. Great for everyday cooking, salads, grilled meats and vegetables, heavier sauces, pastas, cheeses, and bruschetta.

Bold or Robusto Oils

Complex, with a powerful body and character that displays potent green fruits and well defined bitter notes and bite. Great for all types of cooking, but better suited to full-flavored dishes that are well seasoned so that they can hold up to the complexity of the olive oil: hearty salads, hearty sauces, grilled meats, rustic dishes, pastas, and risottos.