Tree to Table Evenings

We're excited to announce a new in-store event at each of our locations: Tree to Table Evenings. Our stores are open after hours for a delicious, educational, and fun evening with The Olive Scene.

We'll provide a light vegetarian supper, olive oil tastings, and a presentation about where our olive oils come from. You'll learn about the fascinating history of olive oil, the process of how olives become olive oil, and why it's important to know where your oils come from.

"Tree to Table" is an extension of the growing food movement "Farm to Table," which is becoming increasingly important in a global economy. Our Tree to Table evening will help you understand how The Olive Scene is able to bring such fantastic, fresh olive oil to you and why we're so passionate about our products.

Bring a bottle of wine and some friends, and we'll provide the glasses! This event is only $15 per person. Oh yeah, and did we mention that you get to shop, too?

You have to reserve your seat in advance, so check out our events page or follow us on Facebook for dates and locations.

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