Flavors of the Month: Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is quite a mouthful, but it’s actually a very simple concept: it’s the purest olive oil we carry, pressed from one type (aka, varietal) of olive from one olive grove (with no additional flavors added to it). 

It captures the nuanced flavor of the different kinds of olives and can range in intensity from mild to bold.

Since every varietal of olive has its own unique flavors, the oil that comes from those olives also has its own distinct flavor profile.

We talk about the aroma, flavor and mouth feel of single varietal olive oils much like we talk about wine – by referring to flavors, smells and textures that remind us of the prominent qualities of the oil. For example, a specific single varietal olive oil may be “peppery,” but that doesn’t mean it tastes like pepper! It triggers a taste that reminds us of pepper, and maybe a sensation on our tongues or in our throats that’s similar to that of pepper.

An oil that’s described as “grassy” won’t necessarily taste like grass, but it will have flavors that make us think of adjectives like green, vegetal and fresh, which we translate as “grassy.”

Likewise, some of our single varietal oils are “creamy,” which simply means that they have a thicker texture that coats our tongues and mouths much like creamy foods do. 

It’s so much fun to sample our Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the stores and see if you can detect the flavors listed on the fusti signs! Other common flavors that we reference are “artichoke,” “green tomato,” “herbaceous,” “tropical fruit,” “apple,” and more. You may even be able to identify your own flavors with a little practice!

Our Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils are the freshest oils available because we follow the global harvest. Our current harvest is from Southern Hemisphere countries like Chile,Tunisia and Australia. The olives for these amazing oils were picked and crushed between March and May. They won't last long after the holidays, so stock up now if you have a favorite!

The Northern Hemisphere countries began harvesting around September and will continue production as late as January, depending on the region. After the first of the year, the newest Northern Hemisphere Oils will ship and will begin to appear in our stores February and March, with oils from Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal.

December a great time to stop in one of our stores to taste amazing Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils from our award-winning collection of Southern Hemisphere Oils. All of our oils are all Premium and Ultra Premium quality, which is a special certification for only the highest class of oils that pass rigorous testing.

If you love our flavored olive oils, let us also introduce you to the world of fresh and pure, single varietal extra virgin olive oils. You'll be amazed at just how wonderful healthy can taste!

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