Northern Hemisphere Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils at The Olive Scene

Have you ever wandered into our store in November or December and wondered why you couldn't find an olive oil from Italy or Spain? 

That's because we follow the harvest around the globe to ensure that we always carry the freshest olive oil possible! The Northern hemisphere harvests olives and presses them into olive oil in October through December (depending on the yearly climates by region), and we start getting them in our stores in March. Meanwhile, the Southern Hemisphere does the same in April through June and we'll see them in stores around the beginning of September. 

Because the harvests vary by region (Italy versus California, for example), the fresh olive oils tend to trickle in over the course of a month. It's an exciting time for us at The Olive's like Christmas for olive oil fanatics! We love sampling the new olive oils, comparing tasting notes, and picking favorites.

We are thrilled to carry oils from some of the most decorated producers in the world. Be sure to try our Picqual from Spanish producer Oro Bailen, our Hojiblanca from producer Melegarejo Estate (also Spanish), and a stunning Portuguese Cobrancosa.

These are just a few of the new single varietal extra virgin olive oils that you'll see on our shelves this month. Whether you're serious about your olive oil or just dipping your toes in the world of incredibly fresh oils, this is the perfect time to stop by The Olive Scene or shop online to try the Northern hemisphere harvest. Please don't hesitate to ask one of our knowledgeable sales associates to help you learn more about the selection, how to pick out flavors in the oils, and even how to best taste olive oil (there's a simple technique that helps bring out the nuanced flavors. Trust us, it makes a difference!). We can't wait to see you in stores and share our excitement over these beautiful new harvest extra virgin olive oils!

To learn more about single varietal extra virgin olive oils, check out our flavor of the month blog post.

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