SOME LIKE IT HOT… and Others Like it Very, Very Hot

Make your next meal unforgettable with our spicy olive oils and vinegar!

Everyone wants flavor with heat, and our spicy oil collection is loaded with flavor!

  • Chipotle Oil: Smoked Chipotle peppers infused into oil for a nice smoky warmth (HOT)

  • Harissa Oil: the perfect combination of aromatic spices and heat (HOTTER)

  • Baklouti: fresh hot green chilis crushed with olives to create flavorful, fiery heat. (HOTTEST)

The great thing about any of our hot and spicy oils is how versatile they are. Use one whenever you want to spice things up with heat and flavor.

Of course you can use them for cooking just by substituting one of our spicy oils with the oil called for in the recipe you are making. But they are also amazing to use drizzled over cooked food, as a condiment, or as a dipping sauce on the table.

Remember: a little spicy oil goes a long way, and you want the oil to enhance the flavor of the food it is being paired with—not cover it up.

For any of our recipes, you can change the level of spiciness/heat, just by changing which oil you choose to use.

So grab some heat and use it when you are serving:

  • Raw Vegetables - A super easy way to use our spicy oils is lightly drizzled over all manner of vegetables: Try it with big, thick slices of tomato later this summer, or as the oil in an oil-and-vinegar salad dressing. Check out our recipe for Smashed Cucumber Salad, which is a refreshing, spicy side to any grilled meat.

  • Cooked Vegetables - Replace some, or all of the oil used when you sauté vegetables like broccoli or zucchini or kale. Or try it tossed with roasted cauliflower, drizzled on grilled sweet corn, or mashed into baked sweet potatoes. Cauliflower Tikka Masala combines the flavors of spicy cauliflower with home grown tomatoes for a side, or even a main course when served with crusty bread.

  • Marinades - Spicy oils are a great way to marinate chicken, shrimp, or pork— and it can be as simple as brushing the meat lightly with Chipotle, Harissa or Baklouti Oil, sprinkling with salt and pepper, refrigerating for an hour or two, and then grilling. Or drizzle a bit of spicy oil over meat or fish as a finishing sauce.

  • Pasta and Rice - Use your choice of spicy oil to sauté a bunch of veggies, and toss them over pasta or noodles with another splash of oil mixed with a bit of soy sauce, chopped scallions, and cheese for a light, easy dinner. Substitute some or all of the oil called for in any pasta, lasagna, or rice dish for a kick of flavor.

  • Eggs - Scramble or fry eggs in a spicy oil or use it as a hot sauce right before serving, for a dazzling flavor combination. At your next cookout, try these Fiery Deviled Eggs –they are perfect appetizer to accompany a summer balsamic cocktail.

  • Dipping Sauce - Combine one of our oils with an equal amount of soy sauce, and half the amount of balsamic vinegar for a great dipping sauce for all kinds of stuff: dumplings, sweet potato fries, tater tots.

  • Drizzling - Our spicy oils are fabulous with all kinds of cuisine. Put one on the table for drizzling over pizza, vegetables, grilled meats or fish, grains and bread – wherever you want to add some oomph. Our Jalapeno White Balsamic Vinegar is also known for creating the best spicy marinades, and a sprinkle over roasted vegetables will complete the most amazing summer dish.

Stop in The Olive Scene to see how we can help make your meals spicier and more delicious!

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