Last Chance for Northern Hemisphere Olive Oils

The season for fresh olive oils from California, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Tunisia is coming to an end. Savor these flavors while you still can!

The Northern Hemisphere harvests olives and presses them into olive oil during the months of October through December, giving us the chance to offer them to you at their peak beginning in March.

Now that summer is coming to an end, we will soon carry olive oils from the Southern Hemisphere that have completed their harvesting in June.

Using the freshest in-season olive oils not only carries the best flavors, but they are also at their peak in health, giving you numerous benefits for your entire body.

Stop in to today to taste the freshest Northern Hemisphere olive oils in the world, and stock up with a month supply of these award winners so you won’t have to wait until next season to try them!

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