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It’s so important to our daily lives, yet we tend to take it for granted! It’s necessary for life (in moderate amounts), providing the elements sodium and chloride. It’s also present in nearly every meal and can be the difference between a good dish and an amazing dish – even when it comes to sweets. At The Olive Scene, we know how important salt is in cooking, which is why we carry an extensive line of amazing seasoned and unseasoned salts in our stores and online.

Did you know that most sea salt doesn’t contain iodine, a molecule that is important for thyroid and brain health? Many people cook with sea salt rather than iodine-enriched table salt, which is why we love Seasonello, a brand of sea salt with iodine added to provide that crucial element.

Our flavored salts are a great way to add flavor to your meals without stocking a pantry full of obscure herbs that you may use only once before they go bad!  Try Beautiful Briny Sea’s Magic Unicorn Blend on your roasted or grilled meat, potatoes, or roasted vegetables. It contains the perfect blend of pure ocean salt, celery seed, rosemary, granulated garlic, and smoked paprika.

Salt also makes an amazing gift for the foodies in your life, whether they’re just getting started or are veterans in the kitchen. We love the combination of Friends Forever (a blend of pure ocean salt and granulated honey) and a popcorn bowl for newlyweds – don’t be afraid to go off registry! Black truffle salt is a true treat, with pieces of fragrant, earthy truffles suspended in pure sea salt.

Finishing salts take your cooking to the next level. Black Hiwa Kai sea salt from Hawaii has a smoky flavor, courtesy of the activated charcoal from volcanic black lava rocks. Sprinkle it over your finished dish before serving for a touch of color, texture and flavor. Pink sea salt has the same effect, with its stunning natural pink hue, firmer salt crystals to provide crunch, and mild salinity.

Stop by our stores to sample these salts and many more, or find a selection of our favorites available for purchase on our website.

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  • Molli Carey

    Isn’t the black truffle salt available anymore?

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