Featured Producer: Boundary Bend from Australia

Searching the world for the highest quality olive growers and producers is our goal, and we are proud to bring you the finest in ultra premium certified extra virgin olive oils from Boundary Bend.  

Winning several gold medals, as well as best in class and best in show awards, these olive oils meet the ultimate level of excellence and we are excited to offer them to our customers here in Ohio! 

As the leading producer of premium extra virgin olive oil in Australia, Boundary Bend is The Olive Scene's featured producer that offers state of the art mechanical malaxers (for crushing and churning the olives) with testing right on-site. These dedicated producers perform an independent testing of every crush to ensure the absolute highest level of quality.

Having just finished their first harvest from the large olive ranch they purchased in California, this award-winning producer will now produce olive oil in two separate hemispheres! 

We had the opportunity to travel to Boundary Bend's California Ranch in October to discover all of the incredible olive oils they create. Our importer supervises every harvest, ensuring that you will receive only the most exquisite olive oils. We only have one California Oil from this amazing producer left in the stores, but their Australian oils are being crushed right now. Stay tuned for more information on their release dates!

Don't let this savory, mild olive oil pass you by. It's the perfect addition for any summer feast, so stop in today!

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