Are Fused, Infused and Agrumato Olive Oils All the Same?

You might be surprised to learn how many brands try to disguise low quality olive oils as premium.

The term agrumato refers to mechanically crushed olive oil. Veronica Foods, our premium producer, uses this method for all of their oils and chose the word "fused" as a simpler description of this process instead of the Italian term, agrumato. 

The actual agrumato process includes crushing whole, fresh, organic olives together with perfectly ripe, fresh produce, strictly using mechanical extraction. This process is incredibly difficult, costly, and therefore rare. It's time consuming, laborious, and requires a near perfect choreography to bring fresh, ripe, locally sourced produce to the mill the moment the olives are ready to be harvested. Furthermore, a recipe must be developed dictating how many tons of fresh herbs or fruit should be crushed with a corresponding ratio of olives. 

While The Olive Scene accurately displays and features only fused ingredients, many other brands misuse the term "fused" to describe oils that are actually infused. It is important to understand this difference in olive oil production and rest assured that The Olive Scene never uses these deceitful tactics and will always only carry the highest in quality, freshest and premium olive oils.

We invite you to stop in for a sample and taste the difference today!

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