Announcing UP Certified White Balsamic “Denissimo” Condimento of Modena

In our constant pursuit to raise the bar, we’re proud to announce our new Infused White Balsamic products made with the highest quality Ultra Premium White Balsamic Condimento in the world.

As a result of many years of collaboration, our new White Balsamic Condimento is denser, richer, smoother, more complex, and naturally thicker than any white “balsamic-like” products found in North America.  

These attributes come from the artisan process of sun drying the grapes in Modena, Italy to concentrate flavor and must as well as adding the smallest percentage (less than 10%) barrel aged Italian white wine vinegar than any other white balsamic on the market.  Unlike most other knock-off products that rely on adding sugar from other sources or thickeners, our product relies strictly on natural artisan production methods to produce the finest Ultra Premium White Balsamic

  • The highest quality white balsamic condimento in the world, it is unique in North America and exclusively made for, and found through Veronica Foods as a result of many years of project collaboration with our partner in Modena. 
  • Certified to be made exclusively from Italian Trebbiano, Albana, and Montuni grapes which add body and richness that Trebbiano grapes alone cannot achieve.
  • Certified to be hand pick by experienced workers who select only the sweetest clusters for maximum Brix (sugar) content.
  • Obtained by natural fermentation as a result of blending white grape must with less than 10% Italian Barrel Aged White Wine Vinegar both made from Albana, Trebbiano and Montuni grapes which grow in the region of Modena, Italy exclusively.
  • After being hand-picked, the specially selected grapes are left to dry in the sun very old artisan method) for another 10 to 15 days. This is an exclusive family practice of our balsamic maker, and is only done for the UP White “Denisssimo” Condimento. During this period, the natural sugar, flavor, and body in the grapes is enhanced. This proprietary drying period results in an approximate volume loss of 10% through evaporation.
  • The traditionally cooked grape must is then lightly filtered to remove any skins from is then placed into new white oak barrels for maturation and aging to an amazing 1.28 density with 4% acidity.
  • Certified to be made in Modena, and to be free from any additives including thickening agents, sugar from sources other than grape must, colors, dyes, and preservatives.
  • This is a healthful “living product” not heat pasteurized to destroy the healthful pro-biotics associated with consuming artisan fermented vinegar.






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