Amazing Olive Wood is our Spring Special!

We love the delicious flavor and health benefits of olive oil, but we also celebrate the majestic and beautiful trees that grow the fruit necessary to produce the liquid gold we adore so much.


Olive trees are remarkable, and sustainable, as they can live for thousands of years, produce an abundance of fruit, are drought tolerable, and are prolific in all parts of the world.

But the olive tree’s usefulness isn’t over once it no longer produces olives. The beautifully patterned wood milled from the trees is tightly grained, extremely hard and is naturally antibacterial, making it useful for kitchen tools, cutting boards and serving pieces.

When we saw this cutting/serving board, we fell in love with the unique look, and you will too. The incredible design is made from strips of edge grain olive wood, all from the same tree, placed side by side in the order they were cut, and then every other strip was flipped over before being grafted together.

This board retails for $135, and this spring we are offering it at a SPECIAL PRICE OF $85 (a $50 savings!). And speaking of SPRING… the biggest event of spring is right around the corner: MOTHER’S DAY!

This beautiful olive wood board is perfect for the woman who creates all the delicious dinners and holiday celebrations. By itself, or paired with a wonderful set of Olive Scene Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, this is the ideal gift for Mom.

While helping our customers create healthy food is the ultimate goal of The Olive Scene, we know that unique tableware makes dining fun. This spring you will find plenty of functional pieces at The Olive Scene that are downright gorgeous, and will highlight whatever is being served on them.

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