Alonso Estates Wins First Place Award for Healthiest EVOO

One of our partner producers, Alonso Estates has just won the renowned World's Best Health EVOO Contest!

Their Chilean Coratina was selected to be served to the United States Olympic athletes in the United States Olympic pavilions for two consecutive Olympic Games.

Winning this very important award speaks to the healthful properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Most specifically, high phenol and oleocanthal content in premium olive oils can have a significant impact on your overall health. Alonso Estates’ Coratina won first place (GOLD) based on its ranking in healthy attributes:

  • #1 in Fatty Acid composition (low saturated fat)

  • #3 In Biophenols (644.8)

  • #6 In Oleocanthal

We invite you to experience a Gold Medal winner that is chosen to cater our country’s most elite athletes.

The Alonso family farm is located at the foothills of the Andes, in Chile. Like the Mediterranean, the climate there is typically sunny and dry (a perfect environment for olives).

Their oils are standouts in our collection and known for being herbaceous, green and possessing stellar chemical composition lending longevity, durability and flavor.

The Alonso family is firmly committed to promptly harvesting and processing olives for maximum quality and freshness. The Olive Scene is very proud to offer such an amazing ultra premium extra virgin olive oil to our customers.

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