Rustic Edge Olive Wood Bowl

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Rustic Edge Olive Wood Bowl


These handmade wooden bowls are carved out of a single piece of olive wood harvested from fallen trees. Each piece of wood has a different structure and texture so each bowl will have its own unique character. No two are alike, and they are unmatched in quality and versatility. This bowl may have some areas that are not smooth, but contain the natural, rustic characteristics of the wood. The edges are also uneven, adding extra visual interest. 

The natural oil content of olive wood resists bacteria and makes it ideal for food preparation, more hygienic than other wood or plastic products, and easy to clean. 

These bowls are perfect for olive oil dipping, snacks, nuts, olives and other appetizers you may want to serve. 

- Handcrafted 
- Made from a single piece of the finest olive wood 
- No two pieces are identical 
- More hygienic than plastic 
- Dimensions: approximately 2 - 3 inches tall by 4.5 - 5.5 inches wide, but they will vary slightly based on their handcrafted nature 

- Wash and dry thoroughly by hand with a mild dish soap 
- Not dishwasher safe 
- Rub them regularly with a drop of olive oil so the wood doesn't dry out 

- Price is for a single bowl

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